Thursday, July 25, 2013

whirling dervishes

I am, appropriately, writing this little post about my ceiling fan makeover while husband is sleeping.

It's not that husband sleeps a lot. He probably actually sleeps less than the average person.

But it is still usually more than I do, which makes for an interesting relationship wherein he gives me a youarethecrazyperson look at least once a week when I'm busting out a new project around midnight, and I give him my best pleasewontyouplaywithmeyourenotreallytired look as often as I think I can get away with it. ^_^

Which is how this project started, one random night a couple days before flying to Virginia and selling our house, just after recarpeting the loft and building the fence and just before refinishing the sunroom countertops.

It could have been the weak link in house selling, I swear!
Also, I'd already bought a new light kit like a year ago...
Husband was preparing to go to sleep when I brought the ladder in to convince him to take the fan down for me (a height issue, you see).

When he gave me the crazy look and refused on grounds of Imsleepyanditspastmidnight, I instead took the fan blades down one by one, carefully photographing to document everything along the way. You know, I wasn't quite standing directly above him. Might have dropped one fan blade though. Toootally accidental.

See I'm almost half done taking down the blades already!!
I tried sanding and staining these fan blades like I did for the awesome living room fan restoration. But these fan blades were made out of particle board and did not hold up to that as well (no nice wood grain finish this time).

Isn't it gorgeous.
I think this fan was left up when previous owners put popcorn texture on the ceiling. :-x

So after looking at the store but still feeling dissatisfied with new blade options, I decided to just ORB the old blades as well as all the metal parts (after taking everything apart, of course).

And who's surprised because Rustoleum's ORB is just that great, it turned out well.

The only problem was when I realized my new lighting kit did not fit on the old light adapter to the fan, unlike the living room fan that was a screw-off-old, screw-on-new procedure.

This kept me awake. Or would have if I liked sleeping.
I needed that center piece to attach the new light.
But needed to not have those three separate bulb holders in the way.
Fortunately husband has awesome machinery skills, we brought the part in to school and he basically (v. carefully!) drilled a hole through the middle of each of those bulb cups big enough to cut through the metal clip holding the cup in place.

Pretend he's wearing safety glasses. We put some on partway through.
Also, drill presses are magical.
After all the parts were dry from spraypainting, voila complete!

Except. It somehow hung sliiightly lopsided, which resulted in a bit of a wobble. I guess we got lucky with the living room fan, which I'm thankful for since that was the one 16 feet off the ground!

So this leads to the day we left for the Virginia wedding, on which morning husband got up to go to the restroom about 5:30am and when he came back I "apparently" sat excitedly up in bed and said "IS IT MORNING!?!" He said "no" and rolled over to go back to sleep, and I gleefully hopped out of bed, clearly convinced I had enough excuse to get up. You see, as well cleaning and as getting fresh flowers for our vases right before leaving (for any house showings while we were gone), I went to Lowes when they opened at 6 for those great stick-on weights for fan balancing, brought the ladder in and worked out the fan wobble. This is apparently how husband woke up again. It's surprisingly difficult to get those weights stuck on well enough that they don't fly off and narrowly miss husband's sleeping head when they bounce off the wall at 6:30 in the morning. Oops.

So yes. My fan repertoire grows and I have learned the following advices.
  1. Light kits are just about the cheapest and best way to give your fan instant class (this one was about $25 on Overstock). This project was about $25 for the kit and $7 for the spray paint. And $2 for the extra balancing weights.
  2. Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint makes almost everything better.
  3. Bedroom projects are some of the best because when you wake up you can gloat over enjoy how great they look.
  4. Husbands don't like flying objects near their heads while sleeping. Nowyouknow.


  1. Great post! Had me laughing the whole time! My hubby also thinks I'm crazy. I love the finished product! It is nearly midnight now, and all I want to do is check out my ceiling fans! I think that I will take a look at Overstock first. :-)Oh and when hubby finds out that I have a new plan, first he will ask, "have you been reading blogs again?"followed by, "how much will it cost"

    1. Haha thanks Angelique!! We have to keep those husbands guessing ;) Yay ceiling fans! There are lots of options, once I figured out the phrase to search for on Overstock and Amazon is "ceiling fan light kit". LOL re husband's response! Totally sounds like my husband!


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