Tuesday, October 9, 2012


This really has nothing to do with house projects, but last night I found a quote on my Good Earth tea bag that I really liked. This morning I couldn't resist making a background for my macbook with the quote. I used an image from deviantart.com and then Ribbet to manipulate the image and add text...

This is full resolution in case others want to download it.

Update: I just tweaked it more...Which version do you like better? I think this second version helps the words stand out better. I am definitely not a professional artist :)

Reminds me of a project I do plan to try out tomorrow at home, actually...have you seen the recent trend of images printed on vintage dictionary pages?! Stay tuned! :)

Update again...I tweaked it again! This one is my favorite. It is also full res if you want to download it! Now it has been my background for a few weeks...


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