Friday, October 26, 2012

my granola life

Hellooo from the edge of the earth of which I have apparently fallen off!! This lack of posting is ri.dic.u.lous. Thank you so much for still visiting blog! It is an odd season for me that I am so absorbed in my research that I am not making progress on current projects. BUT I am defending my masters on November 7 (eeps!) so after that the waters of my life should calm down. For real.

And now on to what I did think of posting about. My granola life.

Every time I buy groceries (which right now is only when we run out of peanut butter, orange juice, and bread, haha, because those are the staples of life without which one must eventually pause)

I can't help spending a few minutes glowering at the granola bars in the cereal aisle.

Whyyyy do they all have soo much sugar in them!?! It is amazing. Why do Americans like so much sugar?! I mean, I understand that something sticky has to hold the bar together, but seriously.

But being my vegetarian self I have to make sure I get enough protein. Lest I waste away in the land of colourful vegetables. We seriously miss when we had time to make our own granola bars in Seattle.

So one day I decided to supplement our stash of granola bars (usually Kashi, since they seem to have the best protein to sugar ratio) with trail mix, where I can control the sugar ratio! Ha ;)

But husband and I like different things in our trail mix. So I decided to buy ingredients and mix my own. So. fun. Now we have done it three times.

Here are some of my ingredients, after I had used them because I forgot to take a photo before:

I know, we are using some sugar in the M&M's! Dark chocolate weakness. :-x

David's mix is cashews, almonds, cranberries, and a leetle bit of peanuts. And some M&M's.

My mix is almonds, peanuts, raisins and some M&M's. We eat the raw almonds since I've heard they're healthier, but I do like that salty kick so I buy salty peanuts. My mix still tastes sweet to me...Hmm I should try some pumpkin seeds next time!

After I mix them I use two glass jars in our cupboard. David's goes on the bottom shelf so he doesn't eat mine accidentally since he's short and I'm tall ;)

Look how fortuitously I measured things this time! Usually I just put the 'overflow' in an extra jar.

I love that I can pick through if I feel like eating saltier or sweeter bits, and I know exactly what's in it, instead of the 10+ ingredient list of granola bars. It seems to be cheaper, as well, especially when I print coupons from the Target web site before I go to the store.

So our nut-fed selves are soldiering on. I have a list of projects to work on after Masters craziness! You guys. I am making canvas curtains for the exciting! Plus new tornado wood excitement. V. hush-hush. ;)

Does anyone else not know where October went!? How come autumn always goes so quickly! I'm absolutely loving my little autumn-decorated table. Anyone have granola/snack ideas I should try?


  1. we've been making peanut butter balls...are a good sweet/protein snack/dessert....honey, peanut butter, malted milk powder and coconut...yum! we use crunchy peanut butter so they have little crunchy peanut bits in them too...


  3. Yum! Those look excellent! Looove fresh ground peanut butter. :p

  4. yummmm! I am definitely a fan of homemade granola! Course, cuz I always pick from whence cometh my sugah, I have cultivated an affinity for the raw almonds (eaten with a handful of Shredded Wheat N Bran, washed down with crunchy bites of a fresh fuji apple!).


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