Monday, October 8, 2012

my friend bleach and me

Happy Monday!! Should I have Monday cleaning tips? Do other people enjoy a freshly cleaned house as much as I do? Friday night I stayed up and gave the house a good cleaning, and it seriously made for a great relaxing weekend. Also, I found The Magic Outlet at the center of our house from which I can vacuum all the carpets without moving the plug!! I know, you envy me. *_*

When we remodeled our kitchen about 18 months ago, I had a couple people warn me about corian sinks - that they stain, scratch, and require extra maintenance.

I do agree that they are higher maintenance, and I might go with stainless steel next time. But for this time, the corian sink was free with the countertop purchase - and both David's and my parents still have corian/ceramic sinks that look great in their kitchens! And also I like the gleaming white. Some people like white countertops, I have enjoyed a gleaming white sink.

So while the white sink does show coffee stains and marks if we wash our cast iron pots, I just attack it with some soft scrub with bleach every couple weeks! (It has to be a soft scrub that says "with bleach" in it. I accidentally bought one without bleach the other day and I couldn't believe its non-effect.)

This is the before. Not particularly terrible, but not shiny either. I have found the best combo to be my soft scrub with bleach + my earth friendly scrubber (I use the rough side on the sink, and if I need to scrub anything off the countertops I use the smoother side).

Let's zoom in so we can see those yucky spots.

Eesh. I swear I used the same white balance on all these photos!

So. Spread some soft scrub around and scrub with the rough side of sponge. Look at all the discolouration coming off!

Five minutes later: Done. Rinse out the sponge and save it for another day.

So simple. A year and a half into our kitchen and our sink looks brand new!

Best use for soft scrub (with bleach) ever. Also I like knowing the sink gets bleached out every couple weeks. Even though we almost never have meat in the kitchen, I still like bleaching the sink...maybe because of that Mythbusters' episode where they found more germs in the kitchen sink than the toilet?? Although I think the germs they found in the toilet were a worse kind than in the sink...

Bonuses: Soft scrub also does a great job cleaning settled grease and grime off our stove, and I use it occasionally to restore my teapot to its shiny self!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this. SoftScrub has no idea who I am. I'm just a nerdy neatnik fan. :)


  1. I have had a porcelain sink, two stainless steel sinks, and now a corian sink - and.i.prefer.corian!!!! Soft scrub keeps the corian finish beautiful (as you discovered), and soft scrub 'keels ze leetle germies that can multiply in ze sink!' One can use very fine steel wool on corian for stubborn stains or gouges (from cast iron) or scratches (from who knows what), but soft scrub usually does the job. No matter what finish the sink is, one should be cleaning the sink with some sort of bleach-ish, germ-killing cleaner appropriate to food preparation sinks. Stainless steel (unless it has improved significantly) looks good for only a while and then the finish just appears blech (in my experience). SO, there you have my unbiased viewpoint on sinks :D

  2. I love it! Good point about how the stainless steel finish wears down over time!! Your corian sink always looks gorgeous :) And great tip about using fine steel wool! I used to just use paper towels but wanted to switch to something more eco-friendly so I discovered the scrubby that I use now. We don't use a plastic dishpan in the sink (David thinks it interferes or looks cluttery? and I've gotten used to it) so I probably have to clean mine more than you...but you are more germ conscious than it probably comes out even! Hehe :D

  3. Hehe thanks Kat! :D It always helps to make doing dishes more fun ;)

  4. I adore SoftScrub! I never thought to use it on the outside of my teapot though! Excited to try it out.

  5. Yeah! Because my teapot somehow always gets grease and grime on it from cooking on the stove next to it...I was so excited when I found this solution!


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