Thursday, July 12, 2012

a surprise chevronical finish!

Soo remember how, in recent poll of fabric to use for our chandelier shade make-over, Mimosa pulled ahead and won over Linen Yellow? The fabric finally came to my excited self on Tuesday! All three fabrics that I ordered are v. happy and colourful! Buuut Mimosa and Bohemian Diamond were quite thin cotton materials, while Linen Yellow was a bit heavier, and I realized that Linen Yellow would be a muuuch easier and more durable answer for the shade. I love that you guys had a virtual tie between the two fabrics!! We had originally decided that husband could cast a vote (I didn't) and he had voted for Mimosa, but when he saw them in person he said Linen Yellow is much better for the shade.

That combined with LY being *much* easier to work with and more substantial, and chevrons won in the end! And you guys. It. Is. Gorgeous. I love the pop of colour!!

I feel like there's part of a Shades of Light magazine living in my house.

Who knew what a pop of colour could do?? I love the touch of Mr H. Oot picking up the yellow down on my desk. Although I think he needs to go from his light yellow to a true Sun Yellow to pop out a little more...who's with me? :)

It's harder to take photos of the shade with the light on, but here's my 'best shot':

I love how the wider shade gives the chandelier a lot more room to breathe, and better accents my cool round bulbs. I did have to do two seams across the fabric, sadly (the width of the fabric went with the chevrons, not the length, if that makes sense). So I took the time to do it properly: I sewed a little seam, zig-zagged each of the two raw edges independently, and then ironed them flat on either side of the seam for the most minimal result. I'm actually really glad I took the time to do that because then I could also make the chevrons line up! Miracle! Here's the other seam:

Love. It. Note to self, have you guys vote on house projects more often! :)

And now some details for the similarly minded. First the budget breakdown (approximate):
2 quilter hoops from JoAnns, with coupons: $6
Quilter's clear plastic for the sides, pack of 4, with coupon: $4
Ribbon to cover raw edges of top and bottom, JoAnns, coupon: $1.67
Yellow thread to sew seams: $2.79
Linen Yellow, 1 yard (well, less really): $8
Wire to attach top hoop to ring around chandelier: Free (already had)
Small plastic hoop to go around chandelier and connect wire: Free (already had)
Hot glue gun and hot glue for attaching fabric, ribbon: Free (already had)
Staples, regular old stapler for attaching plastic into quilter hoops: Free (already had)

Total for the shade: $22.46

Woohoo! Not bad at all.

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And let's remember how the shade looked before!

And now:

Is it just me, or does the whole room look bigger somehow?? And BTW, Mimosa and Bohemian Diamond are not forgotten...I plan to pop them up as accents around the house, so watch out for them in future posts!


  1. Yay! Love it. It definitely looks a lot better than the first one. :) Am loving all your tornado wood projects by the way. 

  2. Yay! I am frankly amazed how great this one looks. Your intuition for the linen yellow was spot on! Ooh and thanks re tornado wood projects - I've been enjoying thinking those up!

  3. I love the new one! I had voted against chevrons, now I am such a fan :) Something about the pattern combined with the wider (and shorter?) shape really makes it feel roomy and luxurious. Also I think the bit of yellow warms the color of the light in the room - an nice counterbalance to cooler-colorered walls.

  4. Thanks! Yah the chevrons were not my first choice either...but I looove how they look now. Who knew! Yes I think you're right, the warm yellow warms up the colour palette of the room! I just got yellow spray paint to match and I'm going to make H. Oot's coat brighter and spray paint my desk light to match too I think ;)

  5. How did you attach the shade to the chandelier? I am trying to do a very similar project but can not figure out how to attach the shade to the current chandelier. Thanks! My email is


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