Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bathroom Reveal!!

So I have not been quite as productive today as I could have been...the novelty of a summer weekend in our fresh cleaned house, an art opening last night with husband, trying to restock the fridge after vacation, and something about these guys:

Umm their eyes are ridiculously blue. My brown eyes feel distinctly outnumbered around the house these days. At their age (eight weeks-ish?), their eyes should be turning to their permanent I'm wondering if they're really going to have blue eyes. Would be the first, I think, of all our kittehs.

I was seriously going to post about this redo that I did awhile ago of the track lights in our loft...I loves them...but I realized that it involves spray paint, ha, and Sarah will figure out that this blog is really just how-to-spray-paint-everything-in-your-house ;) So I had fun starting a new project today involving the lovely aged fence wood behind our house that was blown over by recent tornado. Is in process. 

And then realized I should v. belatedly post official bathroom reveal! I'm going to start right off with the good After photos this time instead of making you scroll down! Are you ready? Dum dededumm...

La! Notice the pendant lights? So it used to be just an old flush-to-ceiling light there. I really wanted to make the bathroom lighting more flattering, but a socket in the ceiling is more difficult (v. few choices of bathroom sconces that come from ceiling, and usually $$$). I went up to the attic to see how hard it would be to move the socket to the wall, but unfortunately there is a. gi.gan.tic. air vent for the HVAC system riiight on top/front of where I'd have to access it. Boo. So I decided to creatively use pendant lights! I loove how they look *and* they are v. flattering. And were quite inexpensive from Lowes with coupon. Actually installed them between tutoring students this spring, probably a 30 minute job in total? Felt v. original and creative till googled such idea afterward and realized am not first person to have said idea. Agh. Oh well. Was actually going to invent some industrial lighting for that space but husband said would make him feel like was using bathroom in industrial prison setting. Will sneak in industrial creativity elsewhere when himself is not looking. 

The lights:

I also re-did the light switch, not that I took a before photo. The switches were super gross and dusty in their crevices. Was going to concoct cleaning plan, till realized new switches are approx $1 at Lowes, even the gorgeous slightly-more-chunky ones. Hmph. Splurged, and likewise on new switchplate. Old one was kind of wavy white/stained ceramic:

Let's see...we love the window film. It lets in lots of light without hassle of blinds for privacy. Since doing this film I've started noticing window films everywhere. Apparently it's popular too. Right now we have Mr Stone Owl on the window sill, along with a couple little vases for flowers and an incense holder. Yum incense. And I made that simple curtain for the window from a piece of fabric, the iron, and some fabric glue (my sister had the machine at the moment and I was far too lazy to sew it by hand):

I still toy with painting the wire shelves but for now have left them iron/black. I would have removed them from the bathroom, but husband likes it for a bit of height in the room.

I also took a page from this blog and replaced the leetle tiny medicine cabinet hanging on the wall opposite the window with these shelves and basket (before is on left and after is on right, of course):

Our medicinals ('tinctures', as husband would say?) are now organized within the top basket. Is slightly less convenient, BUT more than made up for by convenience of nice fresh towels upon finishing shower! Seriously. Was v. smart trade-off - I loove not having to drip over bathroom floor in search of a fresh towel :) (not that I would be that spontaneous as to forget towel, right?)

And the lovely black owls currently guarding shelves are presents from Mika! Lovely, right? If I get any more owls the neighbors are probably going to call an intervention from all the hooting at night. *_*

So now I have this delightfully updated view from the hallway (this was before the mercury glass soap dish):

I think the whole bathroom really looks bigger and more open, somehow.

I replaced the other flush-mount light by the bathroom with a simple updated light, which I forgot to include in photos. It takes two 60W bulbs, which is why these photos are all nice and bright - perfect for toilette, yes?

Oh and did you see the gorgeously large mirror above the sink? No more taking turns looking in the mirror...and now I can even see my chin ;) We did this mirror on the cheap too - I bought a simple unframed mirror on craigslist for $10, and we bought some trim which I painted and we glued it together with liquid nails. This project was actually more of a bother than I had thought, but totally worth it for the price and effect. We bought the trim at Lowes but next time I should try to remember to go to the ReStore first...although I wanted the really simple trim so they might not have had that anyhow.

And now just some before and after photos to finish! Before photos are on left - no labels as photo editor is currently operating at sub-optimal levels. Compared to moving day (Even note the difference in the door hinges! Remember when I spray painted those? Still looking perfect):

Compared to in-progress when I tried painting the floor:

And also the sink area which you already saw in the vanity post. See how we moved the outlet location? Electronics = most useful college class. It was an easy Saturday morning project last semester - we moved the outlet down the wall to be just under the level of the counter, and replaced it with a GFCI outlet, which is the standard now. Its previous ugly and inconvenient state remedied! Oh and I just noticed you can even see the second updated light fixture in the mirror of the After photo:

And compared to how it looked when we first saw and then bought the house:

So happy! Feels v. luxurious. Am still planning to replace/tile the bathtub area, but am considering that separate project and have called the rest of the bathroom officially done!


  1. tres bien! magnifique! zehr schoen! must come see in person!

  2. merci! oui you must!

  3. Inspire Me HeatherMarch 11, 2013 at 7:14 AM

    Aw, cute kitty and nice job on your bathroom, that turned out beautiful! I really like the colour scheme - timeless! I've got this linked to my DIY bathrooms roundup post too today!

  4. Thanks so much Heather!! Yes the colour scheme has been super fun to mix and match towels and accessories with. Now we're just finishing our bathtub remodel - one more major update for the bathroom, yay :) Thanks for including me in the bathroom roundup!!

  5. Hi! I know this is an old post, but do you happen to remember the brand or any information on the bathroom pendant light? I can't find it on the lowes website. That light would be perfect for my bathroom !

    1. Hi Val, thanks for your interest! I love how that pendant idea turned out, I would do it again in a heartbeat if I had another bathroom like that with no vanity lighting. :) I'm also having difficulty finding it on the Lowes site, but I know it was in the mix-and-match mini-pendant section. I am pretty sure this is the three-light version:|1&pl=1&currentURL=%3FNs%3Dp_product_qty_sales_dollar%7C1&facetInfo=

      I get the impression that the Lowes web site stock doesn't always match the store, so maybe if you took in the name/number of this pendant light, in person they might have the two-light version or you could ask the staff about ordering it.

      Hope the link works, let me know if it doesn't!!

  6. Thanks so much for getting back to me, the link works! I will go to Lowes and see if they can help me. My bathroom currently has a crazy gothic pendant light that needs to go and this would work perfectly.

    1. No problem, glad the long link worked! Good luck at Lowes! =)


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