Tuesday, March 20, 2012

what normal people probably don't do at 1am

Ummm - I'm possibly a little crazy. You know how I decided to go with satin nickel in the bathroom remodel? Well one day I did a make-over of our totally ghetto plastic flush handle using Rustoleum's satin nickel spray paint. I love the ORB, so nickel will be awesome too, right? Wrong. Looked like sparkly grey plastic. Fortunately Lowe's is awesome and refunded me for the spray paint since I hated it!

Fast forward to this last week when I was dawdling at Hobby Lobby getting Krylon looking glass spray paint for future ideas of making my own mercury glass...and I spotted Krylon satin nickel spray paint! Rationalized purchasing as had cash from Lowe's refund to use. Is much better! And as I was in the bathroom one night painting the doors, I got this crazy idea....about these ugly hinges:

How ugly are these hinges?! Well this is just one of the four hinges but let me assure you he had three identical brothers in ugliness. V. old and rusty and somewhat paint-y from past paint jobs. This is the door to the HVAC unit, and the door to the bathroom is the same. But don't really have time/money right now to replace all the doors+hinges....sooo...This is when there may have been some muttering to self of protestations of craziness...I could not resist attempting to spray paint the hinges!! That would be why there's kind of a trash bag above that one above. Am also too lazy to take hinges off door first. In my defense, was worried about stripping old screws in process. Here's better photo of my trash-bag contortions:

Was somewhat skeptical of plan but was really not liking ugly old hinges. They used to look inconspicuous there in the corner, but now with all our bathroom updates, these were really sticking out in manner of sore thumbs! And I spray painted the brass door handle as well while I was at it. Could not believe how well it all turned out. I just touched up the white paint right around where any spray paint leaked, and ta-da:

Probably won't fool anyone into thinking are new hinges, but soo much improved!! Ahh. Did the other door too but no photos (looks exactly same). Here's a close-up for your inspection:

Yay. Little detail, but so. much. better. Ah the joys of living in old house full of character.

Safety Hat Disclaimer: I made sure to turn off the HVAC system first and leave it off the next day, lest any spray paint fumes get anywhere near our gas heating flame. Although when I spray painted the other hinges to the door of the bathroom, had zero spray paint leakage into the hallway. But still - better safe!

Next updates will be the big vintage suitcase project reveal (yay! was going to do tonight but got distracted painting trim in laundry room. So.) and also another project that David and I agree turned out awesome - won't tell you what it is yet, but this product can sell for $200-$500 but I made one for $41. Yes am rather proud of self. Oh! And also the lovely kitchen floor refinishings! Stay tuned. And tell me what you like to (or would like to) spray paint that I should do next! *_*


  1. It's true, you wouldn't find me painting hinges at 1 am but I enjoy your enthusiasm.

  2. Haha thanks Laura! :)

  3. I love the little touches here and there that are quick and easy and cheap, but add so much! Nicely done.

  4. Thanks! I know it's the little touches, isn't it! Honing my project skills is teaching me to pay attention to the details. And the spray paint aisle. Haha.

  5. Love it! I've been obsessing about the same thing with our doorknobs and hinges. Question for you - did you also spray paint the other part of the hinge? the flat part that attaches to the door frame and the edge of the door?

  6. Thanks Jessi! I didn't - the other sides weren't nearly as gross looking and are usually mostly hidden just from the angle of the door from the hallway. I bet it would be just as simple though!! I would tape off the edges with painters tape because they're nice and square, and then tape the trash bag around the sides similar to how I did the front side.

  7. Good to know you can paint hinges without removing them!


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